Small fried pizzas with Mixed Grilled Vegetables

20 min

250g Italian "0" flour

75g water

75g milk

10g dried yeast starter

1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil

6g salt

For the filling:

tomato sauce


For frying:

1 litre sunflower oil

Serve with:

Valbona Grilled Mixed Vegetables


1) Put all the ingredients in a bowl and mix well to form a firm dough but not yet smooth.

2) Lightly flour a worktop and continue kneading the dough until it forms a smooth ball.

3) Place it in an oiled bowl, cover with plastic wrap and leave it to rise until double in size.

4) Now, put your dough back on the floured pastry board, roll it out using a rolling pin and then make some rounds with a pastry cutter and put them on the floured pastry board.

5) Leave them to rise for about an hour and then fry them in plenty of oil at 180°.

6) Top the pizzas while they are still hot and serve them with Valbona Grilled Mixed Vegetables.