20 min

Valbona Grilled Red Radicchio

Valbona Grilled Borettane Onions

Valbona Grilled Vegetable Pesto

Valbona Aubergine Fillets

Valbona Grilled and Seasoned Italian Peppers

Valbona Pitted Leccine Olives

Valbona Sun-dried Tomatoes

1 Magie della Natura Mushroom Flan

Felino salami

Cantabrico anchovies

Smoked tuna

Quail eggs

 Toasted and diced bread 


· Cicchetto 1: gently cook the quail egg in a pan, then add the egg to the toasted bread, with a Cantabrico anchovy, a pepper and a grilled Borettana onion.

· Cicchetto 2: cut the smoked tuna into thick slices, then mix it with a sun-dried cherry tomato in oil and the Leccine olives.

· Cicchetto 3: cut the Felino salami and then mix it with the toasted bread, aubergines in fillets and the grilled vegetable pesto.

 · Cicchetto 4: cut the flan into rounds and then cover it with the breadcrumbs, then fry it and let it dry on kitchen paper. Aside, use a mixer to blend the grated Grana Padano cheese with hot cream to make a fondue. Arrange the Flan croquette on the fondue, add the grilled red radicchio and a drop of balsamic vinegar of Modena IGP.