Courgettes of Veneto

19 May 2017
Courgettes of Veneto_Valbona

With its light delicate taste, the courgette is a much appreciated vegetable in Italian cuisine. This plant of tropical origin requires fertile nutrient-rich soils combined with a hot sunny climate: therefore one of the most productive areas is the Po Valley.


Sowing, growing and harvesting

Our courgettes are grown in Veneto, just a few kilometres from our production unit. In mid-April, when the temperatures start to rise, farmers begin to sow: in just a few days, the first leaves appear and immediately it is important to carefully and constantly irrigate the plants. The courgette plant requires a large amount of water, therefore it is usually irrigated at least twice a week, early in the morning: our farmers, much aware of water use, do this by means of a drip irrigation system, allowing the water to concentrate at the exact spot in order to prevent any waste and to reach the soil without wetting the leaves. After about a month, the plant is ready to produce its first fruit, with its elongated shape and dark green colour. Courgettes are very carefully picked by hand, one by one. The stalk is gently twisted without breaking the leaves to allow the plant to produce more fruit.


Our courgettes

In our recipes, the courgette is grilled and spiced with aromatic herbs, according to the best Italian tradition. But this is not all: we have created new recipes, which are all delicious, such as Grilled Vegetable Pesto, where the courgette is added to other vegetables to create a tasty and original sauce, or Vegan Courgette Cream, ideal for spreading on Crostini (toasted rounds) or for filling Focaccia bread.

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