Capers of Pantelleria P.G.I.

19 May 2017
Capers of Pantelleria P.G.I._Valbona

The caper has an irregular, almost spherical shape and a typical dark green colour, tending towards mustard, with an unmistakable aromatic and salty flavour. Small closed buds are the tastiest and finest, as they have a more delicate flavour. These are the Capers of Pantelleria PGI, one of the most representative fruits of the beautiful small island of Pantelleria and one of Italy's excellent products that the whole world knows and appreciates.


The Caper and its soil

The Caper of Pantelleria PGI grows lush and strong in perfect harmony with the dry soil of volcanic origin, strong exposure to the sun and high temperatures. The skilled work of farmers and the cultivation of the caper of Pantelleria have contributed, over the years, to making this landscape unique, shaping it into small plots surrounded by dry-stone walls and lava stone buildings for collecting rainwater.


A product with PGI status

Today, the Caper of Pantelleria is grown according to stringent regulations laid down by the European Union, which has given this fruit Protected Geographic Indication (PGI) status.

First, the plants are positioned on terraces exposed to the sun and are regularly pruned. From May to the end of October, the capers, namely, the buds of the plant not yet open, are harvested by hand several times a day. Then they are left to ripen slowly under coarse sea salt and continuously controlled and mixed for about 8-10 days. This is followed by a second salting phase and further mixing of the capers. Finally, the vegetation water produced is removed and a little salt is gradually added.


Our Capers of Pantelleria PGI


This preservation method ensures that the Capers do not lose their outstanding organoleptic properties and are ready for their flavour to be fully enjoyed! When the Capers of Pantelleria arrive at our production units, they are put into jars on the same day and labelled, and then they are ready for your meal table. We recommend rinsing capers under plenty of running water before using them in your recipes. 


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