Calabrian sun-dried tomatoes

19 May 2017
Calabrian sun-dried tomatoes_Valbona

For botanists, it is known as Solanum lycopersicum and although it comes from far off Latin America, today the tomato is, in fact, the indisputable symbol of the Italian meal table.

The tomato arrived in Europe in 1500, and today many varieties are available: the original golden yellow tomato (from which its name derives), the cherry tomato, the beefsteak tomato, the datterino tomato, as well as the more classic and widespread variety in the south of Italy, the San Marzano tomato.


Endless ways to enjoy it

Greatly appreciated raw, tomatoes are also used in sauces and purees. It is one of the most popular ingredients in sauces for first courses. It is no coincidence that spaghetti with tomato sauce is one of the most characteristic dishes of our cuisine also abroad. But tomatoes can also be easily dried and then eaten in the colder seasons.

At Valbona, we preserve tomatoes in this way: we dry them and preserve them in oil according to one of the oldest culinary traditions in Italy.


The art of drying

Drying tomatoes is a real custom that is repeated every summer, just as in the past. Our farmers grow the best tomatoes of Calabria and Apulia for us, using environmentally friendly techniques, in large open fields, where the rhythms of nature are respected and followed. Then, when the tomatoes are ripe, they are harvested and prepared for drying.

Each tomato is processed by hand, cut and laid out in the sun on long racks for 3-4 days, then salted and turned over several times in order to check that the process is smoothly carried out.

The secret ingredients of our cherry tomatoes are the sun, the hot dry Mediterranean air, salt and the experience of farmers.


Our sun-dried tomatoes

To all this, Valbona adds its expertise in preserving vegetables that it has acquired over a period of more than 50 years: the result is our Oil-preserved Sun-Dried Tomatoes and more complex recipes, such as Red Pesto, or gourmet combinations, such as Sun-Dried Tomatoes in Balsamic Vinegar of Modena PGI.


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