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With a production capacity of 2 tonnes/ hour, the ultra modern system allows uniform cooking of vegetables and the opportunity to obtain a product with unique organoleptic properties thanks to the “aromatic grilling” method. Hot rollers heated by 14 burners allow the characteristic “marking” and the unmistakable and typical flavour of grilling with coals to be obtained. Finally, after grilling, the temperature chiller allows the vegetables to preserve their “just cooked” fragrance.
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This device allows the identification of any contaminating foreign bodies, which might appear in the end product, despite strict checks and previous washes. This control method involves a “panoramic view”, whi- ch analyses the entire jar, unlike standard X-ray systems that do not guarantee a complete view, especially of the lower part of the jar.
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Biological wastewater treatment plant

This plant uses natural bacteria to purify the water used for products, with the aid of added oxygen that in- creases their potential. The water used in the various processing stages, from desalination to washes, enters the biological treatment plant and is discharged on the surface, at the end of the cycle. The water is constantly analysed by the authorities and competent control bodies. The biological sludge deposited at the bottom of the treatment plant is delivered to a company that uses it to produce electricity.
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Recycling waste packaging materials

All these materials (paper, plastic, glass) are recovered thanks to the cooperation of a recycling company. Every year, this process recovers many tonnes of materials, which will be put into other production cycles.